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Outhouse Designs Practices Eco-Friendly Operations

Creating a Positive Environment

Impacting the environment in positive ways is an important initiative at Outhouse Designs. We put a focus on learning about new products and practices to lessen our footprint on the planet. In the apparel decoration industry, we most frequently use these terms when discussing the fabric or garments we will be decorating, however, they can also refer to practices, processes, and other materials in the shop.


  • We offer a wide range of organic and recycled apparel, as well as eco-friendly promotional products.
  • Replaced dangerous thinners and solvents with a citrus-based product and completely safe for body contact and disposal.
  • Plastic ink waste is processed with other solvent wastes and sold as a byproduct used to make roofing tar - an alternative to landfills.
  • We use 100% Phthalate Free inks.
  • Replaced all CRT monitors with more energy-efficient LCD monitors that require 1/3 of the energy.
  • Installed 8 skylights in our production warehouse to reduce electricity usage.
  • Our office copy paper is 100% post-consumer recycled.
  • Use online documents whenever possible in sharing information to avoid printing paper.
  • We recycle our screened frames, aluminum cans, and paper.
  • We recycle and use recycled print cartridges on all laser paper printers.
  • All used electronics and appliances are sent to offsite recycling facilities.
  • Converted to a paperless workflow to reduce waste and improve efficiency; customers receive proofs, quotes, and notifications via email.
  • We re-use cardboard boxes instead of purchasing new.
  • We recycle misprinted, defective or problem garments.